We love gourmet and diet drinks to quench our thirst, mainly during the summer, for good reason: it is essential to give our body the right daily dose of water in order to have an internal balance and be hydrated. The ideal is to do this while feasting our taste buds.

So, iced infusions and iced teas are indeed ideal for hydrating our body while delighting our palate.


Hydration and iced infusions

Consuming infusions is generally for the purpose of well-being: to be hydrated and to quench thirst. To keep the body well hydrated and balance the balance against the many water losses due to the functioning of the human body or after physical activity, it is recommended to consume 1.5 or even 2 liters of water during the day.

Water is not the most appetizing drink for many people, which is why they prefer to hydrate themselves with tastier drinks such as tea or herbal tea. In fact, sodas and juices that are too sweet, caloric and not very thirst-quenching are not recommended because they are bad for your health. So it is better to go for low-calorie and hydrating drinks while being greedy, such as the famous iced infusions.

These natural, fruity or even scented mixtures have the particularity of being able to be infused at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures, which offers many possibilities for preparations as well as for consumption.


The iced tea process:

To make iced tea, you must have a minimum of time in front of you and be armed with patience before you can taste it:

      1. Filter 1 liter of water from drinking water then pour it into a pitcher or herbal tea maker. Add a large tablespoon of tea.

      2. Let it steep in the refrigerator for one to one and a half hours.

      3. Filter then enjoy the iced tea within 24 hours of finalizing the preparation.

The choice of tea is of crucial importance:

It is the intensity of the aromas of the tea that conditions the aromatic intensity of the cold drink. Usually, it is recommended, to prepare an iced tea, to choose a loose tea or a tea in a bag suitable for preparation as a fresh infusion. Although all types of tea can be used to make such a drink, green teas and white teas are much more suitable.

The infusion time is an important element:

The time of infusion of tea in fresh water plays an essential role in its aromatic development. The more the tea is left to infuse, the more it will be bitter, so you have to be careful about the brewing time of the latter. Just as the infusion continues during storage in the refrigerator, it is better to consume your drink quickly so that it is not too bitter.

HOW TO PREPARE Iced herbal tea?

The process of iced herbal tea:

Making an iced herbal tea requires almost the same preparation as iced tea:

      1. Filter 1 liter of water from drinking water then pour it into a pitcher or herbal tea maker. Add a large tablespoon of loose plants.

      2. Let it steep in the refrigerator for two to four hours.

      3. Filter then enjoy the iced herbal tea within 24 hours of finalizing the preparation.

The importance of the choice of herbal tea:

As with tea, the choice of herbal tea is just as important because it determines the quality of the infusion process. As the preparation of an iced herbal tea takes a long time to infuse, it is advisable to use loose herbal teas in which the plants and ingredients can unfold freely in the pitcher or herbal tea maker. In addition, these loose herbal teas make it possible to reproduce unique mixtures of plants and fruits according to the expectations and desires of each one.

There is a very wide range of loose herbal teas, plants, unit fruits as well as mixtures already constituted. So it is advisable to select the plants and fruits which go best with the iced infusion. For example, hibiscus, mint and citrus are great mixes for iced infusions.

The importance of brewing time:

The taste intensity of the herbal tea will depend on its infusion time. The longer the infusion time, the more pronounced the flavor of the herbal tea.


How to make a smooth infusion?

When the infusion time is not possible, it is possible to make your infusion hit. This involves pouring the beverage over ice cubes just before serving it. The delicacy of this technique is in the dosage of ice cubes and the ingredients of the infusion. Better to overdose and over-infuse the hot drink a little.

      1. Filter 1 liter of water from drinking water then pour it into a pitcher or herbal tea maker. Simmer the water to about 90 degrees Celsius.

      2. Pour a tablespoon of plants, loose fruit for herbal tea or tea to infuse for 7 minutes in hot water.

      3. Filter the tea or infusion then hit with ice cubes just before consuming.

What is the point of a smooth infusion?

It is a preparation quite similar to a hot infusion. If you are used to infusing your herbal teas and teas and suddenly you want to drink your brew cold, it is easier to do it with this method because you will not be mistaken about the remaining infusion time. same as usual.