Winter is fast approaching and you tell yourself that it’s gone again for long, endless months of depression and fatigue. The return of the cold, the change of schedule, the grayness, … Don’t worry, at Zenat we have all the tips you need to have a great winter: fruity and vitamin!

The benefits of fruits on the body:

As you will have understood, fruits contain many riches that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits are valuable allies in reducing the risk of cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. They are also a significant source of fiber, calcium and potassium.
All vitamins are important for our health, but we are going to focus on vitamin “C” which will be lacking during the winter.


The vitamin to favor for an energetic and beneficial winter:

In winter our body needs more natural vitamin C , indeed consuming it amounts to ingesting a concentrate of light and releasing it in our body. As the sun is less present during this period, our body needs a vitamin supplement to fill this lack of natural light.
Of course you can take vitamins at the pharmacy and start a cure for the winter, but the massive absorption of vitamin C in medicinal form has not yet proven its real interest in the fight against the small ailments of winter. On the other hand, nature is provided with foods that have the particularity of being excellent sources of vitamin C: kiwis, strawberries, blackcurrants, etc. Not to mention citrus fruits (clementines, grapefruits, oranges and lemons) whose very thick skin preserves vitamin C.


Eat fruit!

So consider eating fruit daily to help your body weather the winter. We know that some fruits are more difficult to eat than others, because of their thick skin or their seeds or pit. But don’t be discouraged! Try to make them in juice, in dishes, we have a thousand and one ideas to show you.
Fruit juice is a great way to consume fruit easily , quickly and it is very greedy. Mix, test, taste, you will understand!
We know that keeping a Zen spirit, in a natural body, is not always easy… But we have given you THE solution to spend a winter in good shape and in good health.