Exceptional essences


Our fruit juices are guaranteed without added sugars,
dyes and preservatives !


Iced infusions

Our iced infusions are vegan, gluten-free
and 100% natural !


Fruit nectars

Our nectars are colorless,
without preservatives
and 100% natural !


All our products are 100% organic

Organic has become a priority among consumers in search of food quality and well-being.

Consume the fruit differently

The extension of artisanal know-how

Zenat was born in this process of helping artisans to extend their know-how beyond the plate to serve the best. “The brand of gastronomes” lives up to its name.

Drinks with a unique taste !

When we give our products to people looking for quality, they always have this never-before-drink feeling and absolutely want to taste our entire range.

Taste it, you will understand !

Find Zenat among artisans, bakers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs and brewers, hoteliers, everywhere in Île de France.

Certified fruits

All our fruits are treated with the highest standards. They have a double organic certification to guarantee our commitments.

Zenat is above all the story of Jérôme!

“Always give the product a chance!”

Jerome Wallaert – CEO of Zenat

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Are you the style to have a little or a big thirst ? There is something for everyone with our formats, small and large.

200 ml
330 ml
500 ml

without preservatives

All our products are flash pasteurized in order to be stored
naturally for 2 years

Environmentally friendly

We store our products in glass bottles
100% recyclable

Express delivery

We guarantee delivery in 24 / 48h with our
Express formula

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Saying of the month

“We are what we consume, but what we swallow can help us be more than who we are.”

– Alice May Brock.

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